Tent maintenance, storage and cleaning

In this guide we will give you the best tips for tent maintenance, storage, and washing, so that you can enjoy your tent’s service on your hikes for as long as possible. And if a tent is still just an item on your shopping list, we recommend you read this article, where we provide tips for tent purchase.

Mikko works as an outdoor specialist at our Turku Hansa shop. Mikko has almost 20 years of experience with helping hikers, and we’re certain that he is a familiar face to many of our customers. Mikko also acts as one of the outdoor experts for our Outdoor Guides.

Outdoor expert Mikko’s tips for tent maintenance, storage, and washing

Tent fabric

Mold is the worst enemy of a tent. The best way to protect your tent from mold is to dry it after every trip. Hang up both inner and outer tents as airily as possible in room temperature. Keep an eye out for places where moisture forms puddles: these places should be dried regularly. A tent will typically dry in a couple of days, but even a week’s worth of drying isn’t too much. After all, you wouldn’t want your vacation home to get moldy!

Sometimes the outer tent or the tent bottom is so dirty that it requires a wash. In that case, pitch the tent and wash it with a mild detergent solution: mix in 100 ml of Nikwax Tech Wash -detergent into six liters of water. Rinse and dry well. After that, treat the outer fabric of the tent with the Nikwax tent & gear solar proof – product.

Store the tent in a dry space when it isn’t in use.

Tent poles

The poles usually stay clean even during rough hikes. If strong winds or accidents (like tripping over the tent) cause the poles to bend or crack, assess the situation: a bent pole will still usually work fine. A broken pole, however, should be replaced with a new one. Ask our customer service for help with replacing the damaged section with a new one. You should also watch the elastic band inside the pole, as they tend to lose their elasticity with age. In that case the elastic band inside the pole should be changed.

Tent pegs

Tent pegs should be cleaned from sand and mud, and a dish brush is a good tool for that. You can then also check if you’ve bent the pegs out of shape. A peg can be hammered into dense soil with an axe, but stepping on it almost always bends it. A metal peg can usually be straightened into its original shape. This should be done before you set out on your next hike.

These tips will let you keep your tent functional and in good condition for a long time. Our knowledgeable sales people will also help you with everything related to tent maintenance both in stores and online.

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